Berries - You pick or already picked



Strawberries available are Benton, Shuksan, Honeoye, and every bearing

Red and Black Cap Raspberries

Raspberries available are Tulameens, Chilcoten and

Blackberries and Boysenberries

Triple Crown Blackberries available

Why berries?

You should eat berries everyday...

They are the greatest antioxidant content per serving of any food except spices

They fight disease and protect cells

They improve blood sugar and insulin response

They are high in fiber, and provide many nutrients

They fight inflammation

They help lower cholesterol levels, are good for your skin, and help protect against cancer

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You pick...

Call or text for availability
Early morning is best.

Things to bring:

  • Buckets, bowls, or boxes to pick in to

  • Do not bring metal unless you like berry soup

  • Water bottle


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