About Platz Family Farm

We are a small family that works extremely hard to create quality produce.  We try to use natural growing practices which means we till, fertilize, plant, water, hand weed, weed and weed some more.  It's food we're proud to put on our table and to share with you.  We are thankful for God's bounty and your support.


Here is Grandpa Platz with Joe's dad, Carrol, on his lap, doing their farming together. This is how it all began. Time with Grandpa, working the land and listening to stories, learning techniques and passing down a love of farming from one generation to the next.

Joe spent a lot of time with his grandpa and his dad. Both taught him how to work hard. His grandpa taught him a lot about the plants. They worked together as they talked about how to sow, the health of the soil, the necessities of water, the important persistence of weeding and how to plan the garden each year. His dad spent lots of time teaching many things and helped get this farm going with his support. His mom helped develop his love of berries by going each summer and picking right along beside him.


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